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1. Payment is expected when services are rendered. In order to focus on our patients' needs, customer service and minimizing costs, we do not bill.

2. We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) checks and cash. All cards must be signed by the owner of the card.

3. When unexpected illness strikes a pet, unexpected expense strikes as well.  Animal House Veterinary Hospital understands this and is able to make some special arrangements through the Care Credit program. It takes just 5 minutes to complete an application and will allow you to break down your payment into 6 monthly installments. You can either apply at our hospital, where we'll call in your application over the phone for immediate approval, or apply online at:

Highlights of the CareCredit program:

Care Credit

  • Low Monthly Payments (3% of the Total Balance)
  • Interest Free For 6 Months
  • Determine Approval in a Few Minutes
  • No Annual Fee

Insurance For Your Pets

Another popular option for your family and pet is insurance coverage. To learn more, please visit the  following pet insurance websites . . .

Veterinary Care Financial Assistance Organizations

Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one separately to determine if you qualify for assistance:

IMOM Inc.:                                                                                                                                


The Pet Fund:                                                                                                                          

 Good Sam Fund:                                                                                                                    

 United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund:                                                                                

 Angels for Animals:                                                                                                                

 Brown Dog Foundation:                                                                                                         

 Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program:                                                           

 Feline Outreach:                                                                                                                       

 Cats In Crisis:                                                                                                                             

 The Perseus Foundation (cancer-specific):                                                                          

 Canine Cancer Awareness:                                                                                                     

Cody's Club (radiation treatments):                                                                                       

Diabetic Pets Fund:                                                                                                                    

The Mosby Foundation:                                                                                                            

Magic Bullet Fund (cancer-specific):                                                                                       

The Binky Foundation:                                                                                                              

God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity:                                                                       

Jake Brady Memorial Fund:                                                                                                      

GiveForward (set up a personal fundraising page):                                                           

Red Rover:                                                                                                                                  


North Carolina based organizations:

Ashley's Angel Fund (veterinary care assistance)                                                              

Share the Love Pet Food Bank (pet food for animal shelters and low-income families)

Humane Alliance: Asheville (spay/neuter assistance)                                                      

Watauga Humane Society: Boone (spay/neuter and microchip assistance)                

Gretta's Wish Pet Food Bank: Casar (pet food assistance)                                              

Animal Protection Society of Durham: Durham (pet food assistance)                          

Community Partnership for Pets: Flat Rock (pet food, spay/neuter assistance)         

Wayne County Humane Society: Goldsboro (spay/neuter assistance)                          

The Humane Society of the Piedmont: Greensboro (pet food assistance)                   

Planned Pethood Spay and Neuter Clinic: Greensboro (spay/neuter assistance)       

Madison County Animal Shelter: Marshall (spay/neuter assistance)                             

POP-NC: Multiple Locations (spay/neuter assistance)                                                      

AnimalKind: Raleigh (spay/neuter assistance)                                                                   

SPCA of Wake County: Raleigh (pet food, spay/neuter assistance)                                

SNAP-NC:Statewide (spay/neuter assistance)                                                                    

Animal Compassion Network: Skyland (pet food, spay/neuter assistance)                  

Haywood Animal Welfare Association: Waynesville (pet food, spay/neuter assistance)

Forsyth County Animal Control: Winston-Salem (pet food assistance)                         

Forsyth Humane Society: Winston-Salem (spay/neuter and vaccination assistance) 


Dog breed-specific veterinary care assistance programs


 Special Needs Dobermans:                                                                                                     

 Dougal's Helping Paw (Terriers):                                                                                            

 Labrador Harbor:                                                                                                                     


 Labrador Lifeline:                                                                                                                     

 Westimed (West Highland White Terriers):                                                                          

 Pyramedic Trust (Great Pyrenees):                                                                                     


Veterinary care assistance for working/service dogs

Helping Harley Cancer Treatment Grant:                                                                                                            

Assistance Dogs Special Allowance Program:                                                                                                     

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